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Welcome to PC Expert Help.
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This site is dedicated to helping you with all your PC needs, from software problems to hardware problems and anything else in between.

Our Mission

At PC Expert Help we hope to make your computer experience as painless as possible. The owners of PCEH have been in the industry for over 20 years and love to help new and old users solve problems that can happen when using a computer.

We specialize in Software problems from all the major Office suites, operating systems and hardware problems. Browse through our previous questions or submit a new one (click on Ask A Question and your Email program will open) and we will endeavour to solve your problem or point you in the right direction.

PC Expert Help now offers Website Design and Website Hosting starting at $80.00 a year for 5 Gig of space and unlimited transfers in the Oregon Coast Area. Call for quotes on a Website Design and larger Hosting options.

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